What kind of experience do I need to be considered as an Quick Car Sales 777 franchisee?

Quick Car Sales 777 is looking for people interested in owning an exciting, values-led, community based business. Previous management experience and a familiarity with the Windows operating systems are very helpful but not required. An entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to work with local businesses and individuals in Your Territory are qualities that we value in our approval process. Quick Car Sales 777 franchisees will always go the extra mile to provide top notch customer service to both Buyers and Sellers. Knowledge of the antiques and collectibles market can occasionally help with the speed and accuracy of Your eBay appraisals.


What are the financial requirements to become an Quick Car Sales 777 franchisee?

To qualify as a franchisee, You will need a strong employment background and credit history. You will have a minimum of $60,000 in cash to fund the first three months of operations. Additionally, You will have a minimum of $150,000 worth of assets. For additional franchise options to be granted, we would require an increase of net worth and available cash to be proportional to the number of options desired. The estimated initial investment is expected to be between $60,000 and $85,000. This includes franchise fee, travel and living expenses, deposits and licenses, equipment, signs and 3 months of working capital.


Does Quick Car Sales 777 provide financing?

Quick Car Sales 777 does not currently offer financing.


How long does it take to become a Quick Car Sales 777 franchisee?

The franchisee candidate approval process could take up to a month after receiving Your completed application. Once approved it could take as little as sixty days until Your Quick Car Sales 777 drop-off store could be open for business. The timing will depend on how long it takes for You to find an acceptable location and have the necessary work done to remodel and outfit Your space.


Can I open more than one location?

Yes, we offer options for You to reserve additional franchise Territories for additional Quick Car Sales 777 drop-off stores.


What type of training and support does Quick Car Sales 777 provide to franchisees?

Quick Car Sales 777 provides a full one week training course for You and one additional employee at our flagship eBay drop-off store in Seattle, WA. There is no fee for this training. You are responsible for travel expenses, food and lodging costs. We have no charges for continuing e-mail and phone support. Quick Car Sales 777 is a customer based business and we consider our franchisees to be our best customers. Additional training at our facility or on-site assistance is available on a per diem basis.


Does Quick Car Sales 777 provide assistance with site selection?

We have a strong desire to see our franchisees succeed. Although we cannot guarantee success, we can be helpful in suggesting the types of locations that You might want to consider.


What is the typical square footage required for opening an Quick Car Sales 777 drop-off store?

We suggest Your Quick Car Sales 777 space to be at least 1,800 square feet.


What are the royalties and fees?

Our franchise fee is $18,000 for each Territory. Our weekly royalty fee is calculated at 4% of Your total sales. The national advertising contribution is 1% of Your total sales.