Put The Fun Back In Fundraising

Quick Car Sales777 Stores now offers a completely innovative, extremely simple way to raise funds for Your organization.

Simply register Your school or not-for-profit with Quick Car Sales777 Stores to qualify for our discounted fundraising fee structure. Then, ask Your network of supporters, friends and family to drop by Quick Car Sales777 Stores with Items to sell on eBay or Craigslist (be sure to have them specify Your organization as the recipient of the funds).

Once an Item sells, we'll send Your organization a check!

For even more impact, let Quick Car Sales777 Stores help You organize a Drop Off Drive at Your school or other location. We can provide the flyers and donation forms for You to use, to collect Items at a location of Your choice. Fundraising is at the heart of the Quick Car Sales777 Stores Story

The concept for Quick Car Sales777 Stores was created by Elise Wetzel as she was helping to fundraise for a new playground at her children's school. Elise recognized that eBay auctions and Craigslist ads of donated Items could be a powerful fundraising tool especially if there were a service that helped make it easy. From this small idea for a school benefit came the foundation for Quick Car Sales777 Stores - providing an easy way for any person, business or organization to sell things on eBay and Craigslist.

Fundraising with Quick Car Sales777 Stores Comes With Some Important Benefits!

Less hassle.
No need for Your supporters (and their friends and family) to buy anything. No money to handle, no orders to take, no products to deliver.

Higher sales.
Because over 34 million people shop on eBay and Craigslist, Items auctioned through Quick Car Sales777 typically sell for MUCH more than they would at a community rummage sale or benefit auction.

More profits.
Quick Car Sales777 Stores is dedicated to helping not-for-profits raise funds more efficiently. With Virtual Trading Post Stores's competitive commission structure, 70-80% of all proceeds raised go directly to Your organization (vs. 20-50% of most fundraiser programs).

Donor friendly.
Gives Your supporters a chance to clean out their closets for a good cause. Plus, each donor receives a link to their auction, so they can track their Item's final sale value for their records.