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Bob With
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,San Francisco, CA
" First time online buyer "
First time online buyer, but I put my deposit on a Ford F-150 and I was a little nervous. I arranged an inpection for the next day. When the taxi turned into the QuickCarSales777 warehouse I immediately felt better. My salesman was pulling my truck around as I was walking in the door and it was exactly as the pictures showed. I was done with the test drive and paper work within an hour and on my way home. I read several review before leaving the deposit and most of the review sound the same as mine and there’s a reason why. I've never felt as at ease during a car purchasing process. I’ll be back, and will recommend QuickCarSales777 to friends and family
Posted on June 01, 2019 at 06:40 PM

Danny Snyder
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Atlanta, GA
" Happy BUYER !!!"
I read some good and some bad reviews on-line before buying from them - unfortunately, i think they do huge volumes and few happy people put a review on and the unhappy ones seem like a lot - my experience was great. No frills, great price - in fact it was worth me flying from Atlanta to California and driving it back and still saved a couple thousand dollars net. Read their fees, they are stated, they sell lots every day and they don't pamper you like a pricey dealer does but then you don't pay for that pricey extra attention. I flew in and rode from airport with another guy flying in from NC to buy a Porsche.... we both had great no-frills experience. Everything was handled quickly, correctly and exactly as described so I readily recommend them. If you want to negotiate, go someplace else, their prices are pretty firm and less than most other places so be prepared its not your typical game of going back and forth. They have buyers from around the nation so if you don't buy it, someone else will shortly.... buyers are literally LINED UP out the front door so don't be in a rush, don't expect frills, but do expect a great car and great deal.
Posted on April 26, 2019 at 11:20 AM

Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,Rouyn-Noranda, QC
" I bought a used RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn "
I bought a used RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn in a different state from QuickCarSales777. They delivered the truck 1000 miles to me in good shape, and spent 15 minutes at the kitchen table taking care of paperwork, and left. Very easy and I would recommend them to other potential buyers. Rick was my salesperson and he made sure he answered my questions and provided the information I requested.
Posted on February 10, 2019 at 01:20 PM

Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,Bratford, London
" Keith did an excellent job "
Keith from QuickCarSales777 called me because he’d seen my car on CarsOnline. He told me and I said well I'll think about it and I thought about it a while and called him back and decided to try it. I wanted to do that on myself and I don't know how to use eBay and all that kind of stuff. I was impressed with them. They did it all for me. I didn't have to do anything. I was very, very happy with it. Listing my vehicle was very, very easy. They took a bunch of pictures with the car. They took some of the ad that I had and that was it, very simple. I felt real good about the valuation of my car. I was very happy with the sale. In fact, I even contacted my best friend. He had one for sale and he'd been trying to sell it for two years. So I told him about it and I give it to him and they sold it for I think about 4 days.
Customer service contacted me all the time, let me know exactly what was going on and how many contacts they had and how many people watchers there was on ads and everything. They just kept me informed through the whole process which took only a couple weeks. They did exactly what they said they would do before I went ahead with the ad. If I buy another car and I probably will and then I fix it up and decide to sell it, they'll be the first one that I'll call if I sell it. I think Keith did an excellent job.
Posted on October 27, 2018 at 05:00 PM

Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Stamford, CT
I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive, upon reading a couple of bad Google reviews, before I made the decision to purchase my SUPER HOT CAMARO from QuickCarSales777. Being a business owner myself, I now realize that these very negative reviews were written by competitor companies who wanted to scare potential buyers away from this EXCELLENT company. When I first saw my stunning Camaro on their website, I thought "this car is too good to be true!" I contacted them and spoke with Joe, who sweetened the deal even further by lowering the price! Joe is EXCEPTIONAL to work with; honest, a great communicator and easy to reach. He arranged delivery to my home in Wisconsin. The delivery person went out of his way to get my car to me earlier than expected, informed me frequently to let me know when he would arrive, and took GREAT CARE getting the car off of the truck. I received my Camaro SUPER FAST (two days before promised) and I cannot believe how PERFECT it is! I feel so fortunate to have found QuickCarSales777 and haven't stopped smiling since my Camaro was delivered. It is the most stunning vehicle I have ever purchased. Although pre-owned, it EXCEEDS my expectations in EVERY way imaginable. Both the interior and exterior are LIKE NEW! I will be referring all of my family, friends and business associates to this companY ~ THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!! THANK YOU, JOE, AND EVERYONE THERE, FOR MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE!
Posted on May 10, 2018 at 03:10 PM

Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Walpole, MA
" Thank your QuickCarSales777 "
I found QuickCarSales777 through a vehicle sold on I talked to the seller about '02 Volvo S60. I was very skeptical. However, he sent me enough pictures of the car and offered me a very fair price.He informed that the car is sold by QuickCarSales777. I decided to drive down and check it out. I really wanted the car and was having trouble making it to Houston. QuickCarSales777 found a way to ship the car to me at a very reasonable rate. That conversation took place about 4pm on a Tueasday. By 11 am Fiday morning the car was delivered to my house. I took it to the local volvo dealer and had them check it out. They were impressed with the condition and believe, as I do, that I got a very good deal. I have to say that there are a few dings I couldn't see in the photos and the black bumpers are a little more faded that I expected. However, this is a used car so that was kind of expected. I didnt let that upset me. The Interior of the vehicle is impeccable, just as they described. The engine is great and it will cost less than $400 to make this car look brand new on the outside. On top of that QuickCarSales777 had worked with me every step of the way helping coordinate money transfers and paperwork. They were very easy to work with and did not mislead me in any way. This is my first car purchase from them and I will be looking to them first, next year when I buy another car. I have no affiliation with QuickCarSales777 and was suprised to see some of the negative feedback posted on Google. Its a shame that most people only leave reviews when they have had a bad experience. Judging from my experience, I am certain that there have been far more great experiences with them than evident on these review listings. Thank you QuickCarSales777 for the helping me land a great car.
Posted on March 24, 2018 at 05:00 PM

Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Athens, GA
" I wanted to sell my vehicle but I didn’t want to do it "
I wanted to sell my vehicle but I didn’t want to do it. You may have to go into advertising and all that, so I was looking for something that would relieve me of having to mess with a lot of the details. Then I learned about QuickCarSales777 on the internet. I felt that the valuation I was given for my vehicle was right within my range so I was happy with it. I was satisfied with the process as it was described and so that’s what led me to decide to go ahead and move forward with that. It took probably a week just to get it to the point where I had to come out with pictures and all that. It took about a week to get it to the point of actually getting listed on eBay, and then it sold within a week, which was pleasing to me. I was very pleased with the thoroughness of the description of what was involved and followed that. I got a vacation out of it. The guy who bought it was from Alberta, Canada, so I decided to have it delivered it there by QuickCarSales777. That worked great. All in all, I couldn't have been more pleased with how the process went. It was very easy to sell a vehicle. I was satisfied.
Posted on December 10, 2017 at 11:20 AM

Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Calgary, AB
" So, Way to go QuickCarSales777! "
My car (1998 Nissan Maxima) had been stolen and my rental happened to be a Chevy Malibu. I drove it a few days and ended up really liking it. A real surprise because I was not a big Chevy fan ( I have driven Japanese cars for like the last 18 years).
I started looking for my replacement car and did some research online and then checked out cars at several locations. It was at QuickCarSales777 that I found her.
A new car was out of the question (and my budget), but there was a Malibu in metallic-blue that looked great, so I took a test-drive. Very nice and it had all the important features I prefer; such as comfortable lumbar support seat, great air conditioning, air bag safety, nice music, phone interface, BT, USB and more. I must say, that QuickCarSales777 did a great job. They were informative, patient and not pushy at all. Another pleasant surprise!
So, Way to go QuickCarSales777!
Posted on July 17, 2017 at 09:00 AM
Wesley Gay
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Trinidad, CA
"Positive experience with QuickCarSales777 "
I have to say that our overall experience with QuickCarSales777 has been absolutely positive thus far. I initially found the vehicle online and pictures were very detailed. My wife and I were able to come in, view, and test drive a beautiful Audi Q7. The staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire transaction process even staying open later to accommodate us. They presented me with a clean report detailing a clear and clean title. Upon further inspection we decided to purchase the vehicle with the assistance of a very friendly and knowledgeable sell representative named Joe. Joe truly made the buying experience smooth and even followed up with us to see how my wife was enjoying her new ride. I was able to let Joe know of one indication light on the dash referring to a headlight and after speaking with him, he assured me that I could bring the vehicle buy and that QuickCarSales777 would send us to a garage and would fix the issue at no addition cost. I Will follow up with an additional review to let you all know the outcome of the headlight indication issue. I can feel comfortable recommending them. Thanks again QuickCarSales777
Posted on August 08, 2016 at 10:40 AM

Angel E. Clay
Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,,Bracebridge, ON
" Thank you QuickCarSales777 "
I'm selling a plane and it's been listed up there for about six months. QuickCarSales777 contacted me and I had them help me with the sale because of their cost. They didn't give me a valuation but they called, asked for some of the details and some pictures. On two other occasions, they called about listing the vehicle in an online auction. So far, it's all been pleasant. I have had one issue that they resolved for me at some point. Someone posted the vehicle as sold but it wasn't and they corrected that fairly quickly. There's a little bit of pressure to list the vehicle in an online auction because they charge extra for that but otherwise, the posting process is fairly straightforward.
Posted on July 22, 2016 at 02:00 PM

Bob With
Customer Type : Seller
,,,,Pompano Beach, FL
" We're extremely pleased with the professionalism and the result "
I went to QuickCarSales777 because mine was a specialized vehicle which was difficult to sell using other methods and we had tried on our own. It was going to take somebody that had more of a market than we were exposed to. We signed a contract with them where they took an upfront fee, a one-time only fee. They kept me informed on a daily basis as to the process, an auction, and as to whether or not there were anybody bidding on it and what the offers were. As the auction was starting to wind down, they gave us helpful advice. The people were very professional and genuinely seemed to be concerned for our sake, as far as getting the value we wanted out of the car. They worked hard for us to help make it happen. We're extremely pleased with the professionalism and the result.
Posted on June 10, 2016 at 07:10 PM

Rick Duty
Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sioux City, IA
" It was great. To begin with, my car sold in four days... "
It was great. To begin with, my car sold in four days. The gentleman who I talked to told me a price that he’d probably get for it. I said, “You think you can get that out of it?” He said, “Yeah, just don’t go any lower than this other figure.” So we listed my car on a Thursday or Friday, and then on Monday I got a phone call from Sioux City, Iowa. A gentleman saw it and asked a bunch of questions. He called me back and his wife asked some questions. He called back on Tuesday and made an offer. QuickCarSales777 then called me and said they had an offer and said, “Would you take it?” I said, “Absolutely.” It was a very good offer. So I called the gentleman. He arranged the time to come down on Saturday morning. They were very, very nice people going into retirement and this RV was exactly what they were looking for. It worked out extremely well. I looked at reviews for QuickCarSales777... there are pros and cons, and there are people who are elated and some of them say it’s a scam. Nothing’s perfect in life but my experience with QuickCarSales777 was wonderful. If ever I look for another RV, I’m going to QuickCarSales777 and see what they have before I go out or online, because they treated me very, very well.
Posted on October 15, 2015 at 05:00 PM

Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Gatineau, QC
" I had a real good experience with QuickCarSales777 "
I had a real good experience with Mike at QuickCarSales777. They called me after I had my Road Runner in the Craigslist for about a month-and-a-half. I decided to use them to assist me in selling my vehicle because my car would be in more websites and more people would see my car. Plus, QuickCarSales777 had a real high rating with the google. They gave my car a good valuation.
QuickCarSales777 process was real easy. Mike just told me to go ahead and take some pictures, send them to him and we talked about it and he put the information down. That was it. Mike was really good. I didn’t have to deal with a lot of dumb calls from tire kickers bothering and wasting your time. He took some of the calls for me, and the couple of calls I got were from interested people that were bidding on the car. Through QuickCarSales777, there were no complications and no downtime.
The whole process took 10 - 14 days. Everything went so smooth, I was real happy. Mike didn’t contact me everyday, but he kept me informed on how many people were viewing. The process was easy and painless even though I’m not a computer geek. It was easy on the computer.
Posted on January 10, 2015 at 01:40 PM

Betty Green
Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,Wembley, London
" QuickCarSales777 is the absolute best!!! "
QuickCarSales777 is the absolute best!!! I am soooooo excited about or awesome 1974 el dorador that they delivered to us!! Thanks for everything ! They have a great company!! It is way nicer dealing with their company than dealing with a normal car lot.QuickCarSales777 Internet car sells is such an awesome idea and so easy to deal with!We sold 2 motorcycles and a jeep through QuickCarSales777 and have had the best and easiest time. we have ever had in selling or buying vehicles. My husband sold cars years ago and we love QuickCarSales777! We highly recommend and would do business with these guys any time!
Posted on September 20, 2014 at 01:20 AM

Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Atlanta, GA
" Thanks and I'll be sure to refer others "
Although I ultimately did not sell my car through QuickCarSales777, my overall experience with JJ and the store was very positive. They did a great job of getting maximum exposure for my vehicle and were able to generate a few leads. The fact that they act as an intermediary really saved me a lot of time because they dealt directly with potential buyers, answered any questions they may have had, etc. The whole process gives you peace of mind knowing that JJ and crew are acting in your best interest. Fees are very reasonable as well. JJ was very professional, accessible, and knowledgable about the current used vehicle markets/going rates. Thanks and I'll be sure to refer others or think of you in the future if I ever need to sell my car.
Posted on July 11, 2014 at 04:00 PM
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Huntsville, AL
" Very professional and courteous "
I was shopping for a used BMW on the internet, and found what I was looking for at QuickCarSales777. I live in Huntsville, AL, so I would like to have read some reviews, but after talking to owner about the car I decided to put down a deposit and make travel arrangements to California .I bought a used '06 BMW 325xi, and the experience was great. I flew in to California, and was picked up at the airport by Josh , who drove us directly to the warehouse . They have 2 business models; first is to help sell people's items on consignment over the internet, and second is to sell used items they bought at auction. My car was one of the latter, and it was in great condition when I arrived (most importantly it didn't smell like smoke, nor did they have it detailed with any greasy cleaner).They were very professional and courteous, and had the title in the mail (with signature confirmation) within 2 days of my cashier's check clearing.If you are looking to do business with this company, don't worry that this is a scam or that they are shady, they are good and they'll take care of you.
Posted on May 19, 2013 at 06:00 PM

Ruby H. Reilly
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,Sturgeon Bay, WI
" absolutely recommend anyone else... "
I recently purchased a 2007 Audi Q7 from QuickCarSales777 and can honestly say it was the best car buying experience of my life! I worked with Josh who was very honest, friendly, and helpful with the entire sale. I bought the car sight-unseen and had it shipped and it got here 2 days before they quoted me and it was nicer than I expected! I would absolutely recommend anyone else looking to buy a car to do business with QuickCarSales777! Thanks again guys! Love my new Audi!
Posted on February 08, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Aurora, CO
" my experience was very positive.. ."
I bought a 1995 corvette from QuickCarSales777. I was very happy with the entire process. I am amazed at people who write negative reports, when they truly haven't even read the websites info. The car I bought was off site. My brother-in-law was able to give the car a close-inspection and test drive after I had made arrangement to have owner bring the car to the lot? This was easy and the owner explained how all this worked. I am doing all of this on-line from colorado? I made an offer that was accepted and wired the money form my bank. I flew into California and drove the Corvette 1100 miles to Colorado. car was actually better than described. I recommend QuickCarSales777. my experience was very positive.
Posted on January 05, 2013 at 05:05 PM

Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Miami, FL
" good experince with QuickCarSales777 "
I had to advertise my vehicle here locally and was not getting a lot of response. A lot of people just want to come and look. So when Mike from QuickCarSales777 called me, I talked to him for a while and then signed with him. I had another company that does the same thing call me from Pennsylvania but I didn't like the way they sounded. So, I chatted with Mike and we sent him an email with pictures on it and he looked at those and asked if we had some other pictures of certain things -- what people normally look for. He said more pictures answer a lot of questions for people, instead of them calling us and bothering us about it. So we took a lot of inside pictures and all kinds of pictures of it and when he put it online it was really good. It showed pretty much everything and was a very good presentation. We had to make some changes, there were some typos and some things, but it only took us just a little while to get those straightened out. I was really pleased with Mike. He kept me posted of how many inquiries he had. He kept me in the loop and I felt good about that.
Posted on November 12, 2012 at 03:00 PM

Jason Owen
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,St. Louis, MO
" Great customer service !!! "
This was my first time ever buying a used car from out of state. I was worried that things would take a turn for the worse since I had a previous bad experience from a dealership in NY.(misleading internet pictures) So I decided to take a chance and try it again. This time fly from Missouri to CA. All my worries went away. The car was what it looked like from the internet. No hidden surprises. The other thing I liked about QuickCarSales777 is that you're in and out of the dealership fast. No waiting around all day before driving car off the lot. Since I was I getting good vibes from QuickCarSales777 and felt confident with the car, I decided to drive back to Missouri. The only problem I had was that it was a long drive back home..... So the next vehicle I buy from them I'll have to car transport back. Great customer service. Awesome car. Excellent dealership!
Posted on August 02, 2012 at 01:00 PM

Edwin Hastings
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Surrey, BC
" I would recommend QuickCarSales777 "

The vehicle was in great shape!. It was exactly as described. We bought a used 2010 Expedition EL and could not be happier. QuickCarSales777 does a great job with the pictures of the vehicle. I had seen it many times on the web and like it each time even more. When we drove down to see it, my wife was really happy with it. This particular car had recently replaced tires, a clean sounding engine, and impeccable exterior and interior. It is obvious that this dealership takes a lot of pride in what they sell to the public. They bring high quality cars and give an honest, fair, no haggle price for them. Thank you! I would recommend QuickCarSales777 and the staff to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

Posted on July 22, 2012 at 02:10 PM

Bob With
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Riverside, CA
" QuickCarSales777 has earned a repeat customer!!! "

I am writing this review to inform you about a purchase I made from QuickCarSales777 last week. Last week, I found a vehicle online and the seller told me to contact QuickCarSales777 because they handle the selling,which i did. Terres answered on the Live Chat and gave me all the information I requested. She was very informative, and was able to help me secure the transaction in a very quick and efficient manner. I must tell you that it had been awhile since I purchased a vehicle, and had never experienced all the hoops one must jump through nowadays with all the fraudulent activities. We were able to complete the transaction in less than 36 hours from initial contact. Words cannot really describe how much I appreciate the level of customer service Terres a showed me. !!! QuickCarSales777 has earned a repeat customer!!!
Posted on May 27, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Gilbert Hildebrand
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Miami, FL
" I'm satisfied enough to come... "
I recently purchased a 2007 expedition eddie bauer edition from QuickCarSales777. I saw the car online, it had higher miles than I preferred but the pictures were detailed and the descriptive. I made an appointment to see the car after I got out of work (which was later than normal business hours, they waited for me.) I drove the car and liked it. I didnt have the cash on me to purchase it, so I left a deposit and came back the next day to buy it before work. Took 15 mins to sign paperwork and I was on the road. They had my old car towed back to my house free of charge and the whole process was very convenient. I dont remember the salesmen's name but he was helpful and brief. Anyhow the truck has been great and Im satisfied enough to come back and write a review.
Posted on May 10, 2012 at 09:40 AM
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ketchikan, AK
" Very professional, well mannered and overall solid group "
Browsed all over autotrader,, and even craiglist searching for a decent car. Decided to shop one sold by QuickCarSales777 and decided give these guys a shot. Very professional, well mannered and overall solid group of guys. They were upfront with me and showed me everything about the car, I ended up getting it and was SOLD on it. I love Cadillac's and the one I just got literally looks like it probably did in 2002 when it came out. Nice ride, thanks again!
Posted on April 18, 2012 at 01:30 PM

Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,New Orleans, LA
" very pleased with our purchase "
I had purchased my vehicle from QuickCarSales777, and have to say I had a very pleasant experience, I flew in from New Orleans ,our driver who picked us up was courteous,I am auto mechanic for over 35years and have purchased a lot of cars, I did a lot of research, and found the price of the vehicle was fairly priced compared to others of the same package, all parties involved when we got there were great. I drove the truck home , a six hour drive and we very pleased with our purchase, I know that when buying a used vehicle, not everyone has a good review to write, but they need to do there homework and as much research as possible to make a good purchase,
Posted on April 02, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Nick Labrecque
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,Corpus Christi, TX
" Great job QuickCarSales777! "
We drove up from Corpus Christi to test drive a Ram 1500 that I found on the internet site. I spoke with Rick in the Internet Sales Department to pin down a price on the vehicle before I even went in to QuickCarSales777. He was very helpful and professional in explaining everything. QuickCarSales777 had my dream truck available in the Western Brown color that I wanted with many more options for a much better price than what the Dodge dealers in the Corpus Christi area were offering. We showed up on Memorial Day right before closing time. We were afraid they wouldn't make time for us with it being so close to the end of the day, but the opposite happened. We were greeted when we first came in by Joey, our who ended up being our sales associate, and he took great care in making sure that we knew everything about the vehicle before we purchased. We drove with him to the storage warehouse where my truck was being stored, and he explained all of the features along the way. He was very knowledgeable about the Ram brand, and I love that the truck came with a free bed liner and running boards with our USAA discount. W e are very pleased with our experience at QuickCarSales777 and definitely agree that you have to drive to a big city to find the salespeople who know the vehicles they sell, and to get treated right. Great job QuickCarSales777!
Posted on January 19, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Carlton Carey
Customer Type : Seller
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Biloxi, MS
" Thanks QuickCarSales777!!! "
An QuickCarSales777 rep called me because they saw my eBay ad. I'm still trying to get my car sold, but I saw on eBay the auction ended, so hopefully I can get it delivered. But they sold one car for me before. They pulled all information from my eBay ad, and I'm thinking of sending them a couple of extra pictures for the listing. Overall customer service has been good. With the first car, it sold pretty quick, probably a couple of weeks. The second car went through a couple times but they never did sell. A couple of months later, I relisted it with them. I think I didn't get a decent deal for getting the car sold. If it doesn't sell, they charge you to relist it. So the second car, I relisted it three times. When you get everything listed and your car gets sold, it's a great service. If it doesn't sell, you have to keep paying again, so the value gets lost at that point.
Posted on December 03, 2011 at 04:40 PM

Henry Glover
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,, ,,,,,Birmingham, AL
" Pleasure To Do Business With! "
My sister and I surprised my Mother for her 65th Birthday by getting her her dream car - Red 1975 Chevrolet Corvette! The QuickCarSales777 had the best priced one I could find anywhere for sale so we bought it! I dealt with the owner - Josh and Ryan,one of QuickCarSales777 salesman and they were both very helpful. I put down a deposit to hold the car so I didn't miss out and drove up and picked up the car in person. It was everything they told me and more! Made the drive home back to Alabama with no issues and the surprise went off without a hitch! Very Smooth Transaction! Pleasure To Do Business With! Thanks guys!
Posted on November 11, 2011 at 02:00 PM

Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kamloops, BC
" Great group "
I found my dream car online at QuickCarSales777. I contacted them immediately as an interested buyer. They answered all of my questions and gave me a complete review of the vehicle. I drove from out-of-state to test drive and inspect the car. It was exactly how they described it and exactly how the picutres portrayed it. They were very friendly, informative, professional, and efficient. I took my new car home that day!! They even made several follow-up calls in the days after to help me with the registration. Great group to do business with!!!
Posted on September 23, 2011 at 04:00 PM

Alfred Pressley
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,Belvedere, London
" very impressed with QuickCarSales777! "
My husband and I needed a quality used car and having bought many in the past we prepared ourselves for the "used car buying experience". I rarely write online reviews but our experience at QuickCarSales777 was so pleasant I HAD to. We were met with no-pressure-kindness and had nothing but the BEST experience from finding the car online to the delivery of it. I am so very impressed with QuickCarSales777!
Posted on May 27, 2011 at 02:50 AM

Ernest Gorman
Customer Type : Buyer
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Guilford, NY
" The purchase was quick "
After a long search online for a car for our 21 year old son, we found the perfect car CL sold by QuickCarSales777 website. We were coming from NY to pick up the car (2 hours away) and Ed was very explicit on the paperwork to bring with us to avoid a return trip. The purchase was quick. The car was exactly as described, my son is very happy and there have been no problems. (I have waited several months to post this review to be sure the car is in great condition. ) The car was and is beautiful. Thank you.
Posted on May 02, 2011 at 01:00 PM