Quick Car Sales 777 is The Easy Way To Sell Online

We will:

Handle any size lot of Items - large or small.
Collect and inventory Your Items - we're in Your neighborhood, so it's easy to drop off Your excess inventory at one of our Stores, or we can pick up the Items from Your Business.
Create the internet listings - we work with You to select the appropriate Online Marketplace (including eBay, Craigslist.org, uBid, Shop.com and Amazon.com) and selling format (fixed price or auction). Then we professionally photograph and write listings for Your Item and send You a link to the Online Sale so You can watch the action.
Handle all customer service - we handle all customer inquiries during the sales process and then collect payment from the Buyer. Your Company is never disclosed as the Seller, to help protect Your existing sales channels and price points.
Packing and shipping Your Items - after an Item sells then we professionally handle all packing and shipping.
Handling customer returns - we handle any customer returns, which may be re-listed for sale if You wish.

Quick Car Sales 777 can sell almost any type of Item: